Bulgaria 20MW Power Plant Embraces Advanced Technology: CDS-SOLAR’s Energy Storage System & Solar Tracker Set New Standards

The 20MW project in Bulgaria was successfully implemented, using the latest solar technology from CDS-SOLAR

As an industry pioneer in renewable energy, CDS SOLAR takes pride in having constructed the most innovative solar and energy storage facility in Bulgaria, a testament to our commitment to abundant, sustainable energy solutions. Over the span of 18 months, we have successfully infused the Bulgarian region with an inexhaustible source of electricity.

Our solar system is a strategic choice, driving environmental awareness and significantly enhancing electricity utilization through sophisticated design. This not only underscores our dedication to the area’s sustainable growth but also highlights the pivotal role of solar and energy storage systems in Bulgaria’s pursuit of clean, dependable power.

At CDS SOLAR, we aspire to fortify the region’s energy security and resilience by harnessing solar energy efficiently and storing it for optimal use. Leveraging our proprietary solar tracker, an integrated solution encapsulating multiple patents, we have augmented solar energy utilization rates and bolstered the system’s power output.

The successful of the 20MW facility in Bulgaria underscores the viability and scalability of our solar solutions, trailblazing a path for similar initiatives across industries and regions. Together, we are fostering a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape, steering the world towards a greener tomorrow.

Fueling global progress with unwavering collaboration, CDS-SOLAR spreads the light of sustainable energy to all corners of the world, tirelessly striving for a better life for people across nations.

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