Car Charging Pile All in One Charger

The All In One Charger offers great convenience and comes in a variety of wattages to choose from. This is a good choice for commercial use, not only because of its high cost performance but also because it can better reduce business costs for you compared with other charging piles during use.

  • 60-300kW different powers for you to choose from.
  • DC output, ultra-fast charging, saving you time.
  • Single or double gun versions meet commercial needs.

All-In-One Charger Features

Safe, Reliable, Compact and Stylish design

200-1000V super wide output voltage range

Easy subsequent maintenance work

Support customized branding

Charging Pile Case

Israel bus charging station

Sichuan Ya'an bus charging station

New Zealand charging station

Parameters Table

Maximum Output Power

60KW, 120KW, 150KW

Input Rating


Output Voltage

DC 200-1000V

Output Current

250A max. for each GBT connector, 200A max. for each CCS2 connector

Full Load Power Factor




Full of Efficiency

>94% at full load

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